What we ARE and what we are NOT

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Let’s start with what we are: We connect smart lawyers. Aggregate Law is a way for law firms looking to hire experienced legal talent, to find that talent fast. We have a growing network of project attorneys that we have vetted. We have carefully reviewed resumes, read writing samples (sometimes several), and checked areas of specialization against a candidate’s actual work experience.

We know our attorneys are up to the task because of our selective vetting process. When a firm posts a job to our site, an email is sent out to all the project attorneys in our system that “match” that job. Attorneys are matched if their experience and location (if applicable) fit the needs of the hiring firm. The first project attorney to respond to the email is matched with the job. At the point of this match, the hiring firm is contacted via email and is instructed to communicate with the hired attorney directly.

Aggregate Law’s task is complete after the match. All the work, communication, and payment from the match point on takes place outside of our system.

Aggregate Law’s job is to connect smart lawyers–the entrepreneurial firms looking to grow their practice with the independent attorneys finding a way to work that suits their skills and lifestyle–quickly and painlessly.

What we are not: We are not a traditional staffing agency. The attorneys in our network do not work for Aggregate Law, but are instead, independent contractors. Because of this, Aggregate Law does not dictate the price per hour that our attorneys earn. We leave it up to the firm posting its job to set the price (along with all other parameters, of course) for each job. Likewise, we leave it up to the project attorney’s discretion whether or not they are willing to work for the pay listed on the job post.

Aggregate Law virtually matches our attorneys to your job to save you time. We eliminate the need to first discuss your project with a recruiter. With our site, your posted job is matched based on the criteria you provide. The more information you give in your job post, the better match our system will find. Likewise, because we match you with one specific and experienced attorney, you do not spend valuable time sorting through resumes and making follow up calls. With Aggregate Law, most matches happen within just a few hours so that you can get right to work on that brief you should have started 3 days ago.

On the project attorney’s end, it is important to note: We are not a job board. We created Aggregate Law to be much more specific than that. We are making connections between specific jobs and the attorneys who are uniquely qualified to complete the work. So, when project attorneys in our network get an email noting a job post, they need to act fast if they want to work. The first attorney that responds is matched with the job. Of course, at any time, if the match wasn’t agreeable to either side, we are happy to start again and make sure everyone is satisfied.

And last but not least, there are people here, too, and I’m one of them. I’m always happy to get involved when and if you want me. If you have questions, concerns or praise, contact me at support@aggregatelaw.com.

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