How we vet and select great Project Attorneys

We are very selective about the quality of attorneys in our network-because we know how selective you are when it comes to your practice.  It is our job to build and maintain your trust with the quality and consistency of the attorneys we send your way. So we make sure they have loads of experience, impressive resumes and their writing skills are top-notch.  We want our attorneys to reflect our shared purpose: to help you do great work and grow your firm.

Only attorneys that meet the following requirements make it into our network.

  • All of the attorneys in our network have at least 3 years experience practicing law. This is not to say that there aren’t great new lawyers out there, but a minimum of 3 years experience will ensure a working knowledge of the law, not just book knowledge. Experienced lawyers require less time getting up to speed because they have done similar work before.
  • We verify licensing and inquire about disciplinary histories. Although our website is used across the U.S., all of our attorneys are actively licensed in at least one state. And should your job require a local attorney, with local licensing, we have you covered.
  • In addition to reviewing resumes, we request that each attorney specify the field of law (or specialties) in which they would like to work on our site. We then check these against their resume to ensure they have adequate experience in these areas.
  • We review a writing sample that is reflective of this experience and expertise. We do our best to assure that you will be pleased with the work product you recieve.

There is no point in hiring someone to help out, only to find that the work  is sub-par. We won’t let that happen with Aggregate Law. In fact, if you are dissatisfied with the work–for any reason–we will refund your posting fee and link you with another attorney free of charge.

Also, we are always here to answer questions or problem-solve along the way. There will always be a representative from AggregateLaw available to help you through the process should you need help.

In fact, we’re here right now! Email us at with any questions about our vetting process.

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