Why trust us to pick your Project Attorney?

We think this is a very good question. And we have a few good answers.

The first thing you should know about us is that we have high standards. Our standards are high because we run a law firm, too. That’s how all this started: we are regularly in your shoes. We have had more work than we can handle but we’ve tried to handle it ourselves because we were afraid that no one else would care about our work the way we do. We want to make sure this isn’t your experience. We stand behind the quality of our attorneys because we vetted them ourselves. They are people we would-and do!-use to do work for our firm. We examine their resumes, read writing samples, check out their experience in the areas they claim as specialties and make sure they are licensed. They have already passed the test. And we are aware that this means our attorneys are so good that you may get matched with someone you want to work with on an ongoing basis–maybe even your first hire. And that’s great!

Second, by letting us do the matching, you’ll get to work more quickly. In our experience, a big barrier to hiring help when you need it is time. If I don’t already have someone I can call, do I have the time to take out an ad, weed through resumes of varying quality, and then potentially interview candidates? Even when I find the right person, I’m left frustrated because the process uses valuable time, energy and money that is better used elsewhere. With AggregateLaw.com, your commitment is the time it takes to fill out the details of the job on our posting board. Your post is then sent out to attorneys who match your qualifications and when the match is made, they get in touch with you. It’s that simple.

A third reason: We may find someone you would not. It’s not news that the internet and social media make the world smaller. Likewise, AggregateLaw.com can connect you with people you might never otherwise meet. If the job you need help with is not location dependent, you’ll have access to all the smart, capable attorneys in our network, no matter the state where you or they practice. In our practice, one of our favorite “hires” was a virtual paralegal. We never met her in person but the work she did for us was spot on. We kicked ourselves when someone else hired her full time.

And last but not least, there is no downside. If you don’t like what you get, we’ll fix it by matching you with another attorney OR by refunding your posting fee. And we’ll be very interested in what went wrong and making sure it doesn’t happen again. We are here to help you establish a more sustainable practice. It is our goal that you leave our site happy. We want to help you grow your business while we help excellent project attorneys find work that fits into their lives. We want everybody to win. Period.

As always, please reach out to us with questions. We’re here and ready to answer. Email us at support@aggregatelaw.com. Happy posting!

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