Meet Mark : a California Project Attorney

Why a project attorney?

This is a question that gets asked a lot, because more and more attorneys are electing to freelance for better flexibility with work-life balance,Who are these project attorneys, and what projects do they do?

Project attorneys are often explorers, whether looking for a variety of work in different areas of law or just freelancing as an alternative to traditional networking and job hunting.

Mark has been both. “I worked as a project attorney when I first moved to California because I was not sure how long I would actually stay in the state,” he says, giving him the flexibility to leave if he so desired. “Without being a project attorney, I likely would still be spinning my wheels trying to network with other attorneys and going blindly through the job search process.”

And is that what happened? Actually no. As Mark tells it, “Surprisingly, I found my last two full-time positions because of temp work I had done for attorneys who were impressed with my work.”

It turns out that project attorneys are a pretty valuable resource for firms, because what they need isn’t always just one full-time employee. A small firm may need an additional set of hands, but only for a given project. Large firms’ projects may require multiple new hires, but for only a fixed period of time.

“For any attorney trying to supplement his/her practice, or for any attorney looking for any work at all, contract work can be the fastest way to do so. Here in Southern California, temp work can be more plentiful than permanent positions because small firms oftentimes cannot afford to hire full-time attorneys and large firms will frequently have large projects that only require a short-term need for extra attorneys.”

Whatever flexibility a firm requires when staffing a project, a project attorney can provide it. And in turn, project attorneys gain the flexibility to control their own professional development, achieve work-life balance, or plan a family.

Now Mark has options, a major asset when it comes to carving out an impactful career path.

There are lots of good reasons to be a project attorney, and just as many good reasons to hire one. And as the practice grows, fewer people will find the need to ask the question, “Why a project attorney?” The answer will be self-evident.

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