Why does your firm need a Project Attorney?

My co-founder, Will, and I created AggregateLaw.com to help law firms find skilled, experienced project attorneys in a cost and time-efficient way. We run a small firm ourselves and know that when we are busy or it’s time to grow, we need some extra help right away. The solution to our problems became this new venture: Aggregate Law.

Are you looking to grow your firm? We were. And we knew we needed help but were not yet ready to commit to hiring a full-time employee. Aggregate Law lets firms hire a project attorney as an independent contractor so that they don’t have to add salaried employees to grow. This means that you pay for help when you need it, and not when you don’t.

Do you have time to think about the Big Picture?  We were spending too much time putting out the daily fires of a busy law practice and not enough time thinking about how we would move our firm into the future. Hiring our attorneys will help you free up valuable time to market yourself and think about the bigger picture for your firm. Where do you want to be in six months, or a year?

Does last minute work keep you up at night (and working all weekend)? With Aggregate Law, there are no penalties for procrastinating–you’ll be matched with an attorney who can meet your deadline, no matter how urgent. And you eliminate the time-consuming hiring process: we match you with a skilled, experienced attorney in your practice area who is licensed and vetted by our team.

Use Aggregate Law to expand your practice. Are you tired of referring out good work because it doesn’t fit with your traditional practice areas? Now you don’t have to. Aggregate Law can match you with experienced attorneys in other practice areas so that you can keep that work.

And finally, make more money! You can bill the contract attorney out to your client and get more work done. Or hire a project attorney to do your busy work while you take potential clients to lunch. Once you have more time, the possibilities are endless!

It’s free to set up your account and $99 per job post. We quickly and efficiently match your posted job with one of our project attorneys. What we are: an automated matching service with real live human customer service to back up the process. What we are not: a traditional staffing agency. We don’t send you lists of candidates to interview. Instead, to save you time, we pre-screen and vet our attorneys to make sure we are confident they can do the work. And since they are all qualified, you will be matched to the candidate that first responds to your job posting. After that, you get to work!

We are eager to answer any questions you may have about the process. Email us at support@aggregatelaw.com. We are ready and waiting.

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